Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Tried this one in Japan at Bar Gravity near Ebisu Station.


Eye: Golden amber

Nose: Clay, with high levels of peat. Lemon honey and oak notes. Hints at the ocean but not overly maritime. Something like diesel in there.

Palate: Sweet. Very lemon sweet. Almost surgical in how sharp and clean it is. Oily. Peat heaven, you could almost mistake this for Port Ellen.

Finish: Oily lemon and BBQ. Again, this is seriously like Port Ellen in both profile and mouthfeel. Lots of clay and lemon malt ride this out with the peat.


Distillery: Bowmore
Age: 14yr's Old
Region: Islay
Bottler: Three Rivers
Distillation Date: 2000
Bottling Date: 2014
ABV: 59.4%
Limited: 47 of 275

The folks at Three Rivers really know how to pick a cask. This is the best post 2000 Bowmore I have tried to date, and one of the best full stop.


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