Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Talisker Dark Storm Whisky Review

Recently a friend of mine returned from holiday with a bottle of Talisker, I had heard him mention "Storm" so I figured it would be the Talisker Storm bottling. When he showed me I was quite surprised. Dark Storm? I hadn't seen this one before. Had I missed the news about this being released? Seems I had. It is exclusive to travel retail. As per the label "Matured in selected heavily charred casks to give extra spice and smoke." Awesome.


Eye: Reddish Amber

Nose: Dark fruits and smoke. Sultanas and hints of christmas cake with the familiar Talisker maritime elements. Heavy and enticing.

Palate: Very smooth, like water on first contact. Notes of strawberry jam and alcohol soaked dark fruits. Maritime smoke and hints of charcoal barbecues. Very medicinal.

Finish: Cough syrup running to iodine and peat heathers. Seductively smoky. Long finish with a great mouthfeel.


Distillery: Talisker
Age: No Age Statement
Region: Isle of Skye
ABV: % 45.8

This whisky is closer in flavour to the 18yr Old Talisker. Darker with more sherry influence. Peat levels seem to be a bit higher here too. Not sure if that is because of the heavy charring or a higher PPM. Highly recommend that you try and get your hands on a bottle.

Music to go with this dram comes from an Australian artist Lanie Lane. My partner bought her CD a while ago and it has been on rotation in the car. Her CD "To the Horses" is absolutely fantastic. Was even more surprised when I did some research and found out she was Australian! Fingers crossed she will be touring soon!

Lanie Lane - Bang Bang


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