Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Talisker 18yr Whisky Review

This lovely dram came in via a friend who’s parents had just been in Scotland and had picked this up from the distillery on Skye!


Eye: Ruby amber

Nose: Medicinal and iodine infused. No peat punching through. Fruity but in a rich and restrained way.

Palate: And there it is that amazing Talisker maritime explosion! Medicinal fruits and the smoothest of oak influences. Peat is kicking in there with the iodine. Very smooth.

Finish: Full of oil. Iodine, peat and well rounded malt ride this one out.


Distillery: Talisker
Age: 18yr’s Old
Region: Isle of Skye
ABV: 45.8%

A high quality maritime influenced malt. Good for when I want some peat but am not keen for the full Islay smoke kick. Highly recommended.

Keeping things smooth here is a song from Roots / Reggae band Groundation.

Groundation - We Na Forget (Rome)


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