Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

The SMWS are always bottling great stuff. I grabbed this one at auction a while back.


Eye: Golden with a Mahogany Hue

Nose: Well used BBQ meets burnt limes and burnt apple. Whiffs of wet bitumen after rain. Peat is present but not in your face. Cream, with no honey or sugar notes, almost like a straight dairy smell. Occasional cured or smoked pork notes coming through, but quite mild. Hints at thick pot set yoghurt without the sour, or sharp edges. Closest thing I can think of is junket. Almost Islay but not quite.

Palate: Mineral chalk, brown apple sweetness, junket and wet road, peat is more noticeable breathing out. Quite a grassy farmy feel to this one. Would almost be forgiven for thinking it was a Clynelish, but with less peat and not as much farm. Spicy with some light maritime elements.

Finish: Sherry influence is there. Very waxy finish on this one. Apple sweetness lingers and runs to a malty creaminess with time. Quality dram, nothing like I have ever tried from Ardmore before.


Distillery: SMWS 66 (Ardmore)
Age: 11yr's Old
Region: Highland
Bottler: SMWS
Limited: 1 of 738
Cask: Refill Butt, Ex Sherry
ABV: 57.6%


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