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SMWS 127.30 Pulsating Intensity Whisky Review

On the 24th of May 2013 I had the privilege to be invited to a Scotch Malt Whisky Society Australia tasting event in Wollongong hosted by the very knowledgeable Andrew Derbidge. Firstly I must say thanks to Andrew, Suzy and the team at SMWS Australia for the invitation. I had an absolutely brilliant evening. That night a variety of Sherry influenced whisky offerings were on the table including Ardmore, Glenfarclas, Bowmore, Longmorn and one other I can’t quite remember. Should have taken notes..

I was pretty impressed with the quality of their single cask offerings so I decided to purchase a bottle on the night. A week later on my doorstep was this fancy looking bottle of Islay goodness named ‘Pulsating Intensity’. Having learned which distillery this came from, and that it was from an ex bourbon cask I had very high hopes. I wasn’t disappointed. Not the smokiest from this distillery but man does this one pack some peat. I could still taste the smoke the next morning after opening it. You get the idea. Overall though this one is really complex and took me several goes to appreciate. Really need to let it sit and open up a bit to get the full aroma.


Eye: Pale

Nose: Ocean, Heavy layers of peat smoke, Camp fires and charcoal barbecues. After letting it open up it has a beautiful honey and vanilla cream element to it.

Palate: Lemon dabbles at the forefront followed by briney salt and camp fires. Peat is all encompassing. Sugar burst on exhaling.

Finish: Heavy peat with liquorice hints. Ash. Long and oily. Very maritime overall. Hints of malt and barley. Find I get that a bit from this distillery. Not a bad thing but it’s something I’ve noticed.

Brilliant dram. Not too sure about it for the inexperienced whisky drinker but for those with a taste for Islay malts this one is really superb.


Distillery: SMWS 127 (Bruichladdich)
Age: 10yr’s Old
Region: Islay
Bottler: SMWS
Cask: Refill Ex-Bourbon
Limited: One of 252
Distillation Date: 21st June 2002
ABV: 66.8%

Music to go with this whisky needs to fit in with the theme of ‘Pulsating Intensity’, so I’ve chosen a song from one of my favourite French electronic artists, SebastiAn. Enjoy.

SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross


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