Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

An old blend from the 1970's that features a decent amount of Port Ellen.


Eye: Golden Blonde

Nose: Sharp mineral lemon, some caramel, lots of iodine, some wood polish and wax. Very clean. Smoked bugs? With time its majorly tropical. Hints of old sherry. Jam like notes. Bit of diesel smoke.

Palate: Hello Port Ellen... but wait. This is different. Waxy rose water. The chiselled lemon and honey come through with the peat when you exhale and then its awash with brine.

Finish: Wow. Very briny and lemony. Highest quality Port Ellen but with a metallic twang at the end. I kind of like it but it certainly is new for me. Mouthfeel is fantastically oily and long. Brine and metallic lemons ride this out with some floral malt notes.


Bottling Date: 1970s
ABV: 43%

I dare say the Port Ellen component here is fairly young, but by no means young by today's standards. I haven't had the privilege to try any Port Ellen around the 10 to 12 year age bracket but that would be my guess. And probably an incorrect one. Great stuff anyway.


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