Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel Review

This was the first Japanese whisky I had ever tried. Having picked it up for about $60 I didn’t think I could go wrong either way. If it was that bad I could just mix it with something. Such sins were not necessary however. This has to be one of the best Japanese whiskies I have tried to date (still waiting to try Karuizawa).


Eye: Dark amber

Nose: Heaven in a glass… floral, orange citrus, vanilla cream, some kind of light smoke.

Palate: This is one complex whisky. Dark fruits with vanilla. Hints of smoke. Almost a peanut brittle kind of caramel flavour going on.

Finish: Nice and long.


Distillery: Nikka
Age: No Age Statement
Region: Japan
ABV: 51.4%

Such great stuff here. At the price point that this comes in at, can you really beat it? Cask strength and as smooth as silk. It really doesn’t get much better.

Speaking of things that don’t get any better… to go with this fine whisky I recommend the smooth jazz sounds of Scott LaFaro, an epic double bassist whose life was cut tragically short. Highly recommend the album ‘The Legendary Scott LaFaro’, which the song I have chosen for this post comes from. Hope you enjoy.

Scott LaFaro - Makin’ Whoopee


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