Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Didn't snap a picture of this one but I was lucky enough to try some in the USA late last year. This bottle was the 1996 release.


Eye: Like sherried heaven

Nose: Absolute sherry heaven. Clean and refined, no sulphur I can detect. Smells like Christmas to me.

Palate: Orange zest, dried fruits, spices, very sweet with the perfect mouthfeel.

Finish: Yeah baby. This stuff is oily and fat in the mouth. Beautiful sherry flavours.


Distillery: Macallan
Age: 18yr's Old
Region: Speyside
Distillation Date: 1996
ABV: 43%

I simply can not understand why Macallan continue to ignore the Australian market with age statements. Almost every country I visit seems to have the 12yr and 18yr Sherry Oak still available.