Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia


I was pretty keen to try this whisky when I saw it at the duty free store in Sydney on the way to Bali a while ago. It had been on my list for ages but due to a lack of travel I hadn't been able to pick up a bottle.


Eye: Whisky witness to a murder, light red staining

Nose: Sweet PX sherry and trademark Laphroaig peat. Iodine is heavily present. With time comes some vanilla.

Palate: Initial sweetness with bucket loads of iodine and ocean. Peat explosion.

Finish: Very salty, and very smoky. Quite sweet with lots of red fruits. Great drying finish.


Distillery: Laphroiag
Age: NAS
Region: Islay
ABV: 48%

Great stuff. very happy to see the higher bottling strength. Would like to see how Laphroaig would go straight into a first fill PX cask without the additional maturation. This was however a great variation on the ten year that I know and love. Chilled music from Milky Chance to go with this one.

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance


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