Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Laphroaig 25yr Cask Strength 2009 Edition

I have been waiting a long time to try this one. On my recent adventure to Shirt Bar in Sydney I noticed this on the top shelf. Couldn't say no given bottles of this go for upwards of $500.


Eye: Dark amber

Nose: Apples, wax and vanilla honey. Iodine and smoke are present with some brown sugar.

Palate: Light and viscous. Smooth apple and peachy stone fruit meet ocean peat reek.

Finish: Long and oily. Mouthcoating is sublime. Almond meal with sweet fruits. The sherry influence is more prominent on the outset.


Distillery: Laphroaig
Age: 25yr's Old
Region: Islay
Distillation Date: 1984 (?)
Bottling Date: 2009
ABV: 51%

Really cracking dram. Nice and fruity, really good maritime elements. Also has a nice long finish. So would I pay over $500 for a bottle? No. While it is really good I have had equally good Laphroaigs from younger age brackets at more reasonable prices. Don't get me wrong, I would highly recommend any Laphroaig fan try this for themselves but it didn't wow me the way I expected.

Music for this one is from the B-52's...

B-52's - Rock Lobster


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