Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia


It isn't too often you see a 7yr Laphroaig at cask strength. This whisky was bottled by the old Douglas Laing and Co for La Maison du Whisky's 'Tartan' range in 2008.


Eye: Clear white wine, water

Nose: Medicinal overload. Hospital ward and iodine meet heavy peat reak. Hints of vanilla and citrus elements with time but they are faint. Incredibly smoked out medicinal hospital ward nose overall.

Palate: Peat and maritime explosion. Hints of sweet citrus zest. Waves of iodine. Earthy and ashy.

Finish: Such a powerful young whisky. You will be tasting this the next morning. Creamy but very medicinal. Finishes with mineral clay and smoky bonfire ash that lingers on and on.


Distillery: Laphroaig
Age: 7yr’s Old
Region: Islay
Bottler: Douglas Laing and Co for La Maison du Whisky
Distillation Date: May 2001
Bottling Date: September 2008
Cask: #4653
ABV: 58.4%

I would guess this came from a refill bourbon cask. Zero new make elements and the cask hasn't pushed itself on the spirit too much either. I really enjoyed the end result. Almost like a naked Laphroaig, just the raw flavours to enjoy.

Music to go with this dram is from The Prodigy. I couldn't think of a more relevant track. Enjoy.

The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital


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