Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Also tried at the fantastic Bar Gravity in Tokyo near JR Ebisu Station.


Eye: Golden amber

Nose: Peat is obvious, but different to Islay peat. Quite savoury with hints of BBQ and iodine.

Palate: Could easily be mistaken for Islay. Sweet peat and a very grungy ashy mouthfeel.

Finish: Sweet peat with a long rich malty finish. Savoury notes continue. Salty.


Distillery: Chichibu
Age: 4yr's Old
Region: Japan
Distillation Date: 2011
Bottling Date: 2015
ABV: 62.5%
Limited: 2078 of 5980

This tastes nothing like a 4yr old whisky, it is refined and has a mouthfeel and complexity well beyond its years. Ichiro Akuto really knows how to make great whisky.