Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Another Hanyu from the famous Ichiro's Malt Card series, this one is interesting because it was finished in new american oak.


Eye: Burnt amber

Nose: Plenty of fruits on the nose and a lot of earth. Almost as if it had been buried underground. Slightly peppery to the nose. Coconut is there too.

Palate: Stone fruit, nuts and chocolate. Quite hot at first but relaxes after a second or two. Hints of peat coming through.

Finish: Long and drying in a good way. Peaty malty coconut with a sweet edge.


Distillery: Hanyu
Age: 20yr's Old
Region: Japan
Distillation Date: 1988
Bottling Date: 2008
ABV: 56%
Limited: 152 of 330

Top stuff. Quite different from other Hanyu whisky I have had but that may be the new oak effect.


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