Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Another gem from Shot Bar Zoetrope in Tokyo.


Eye: Deep caramel

Nose: Sherry with heavy espresso, thickened cream, and dark chocolate. Hints of berries, but also something almost fungal? Quite earthy.

Palate: Very sweet on first contact with an explosion of apple and espresso.

Finish: Heads to espresso town, quite dry on the outset. Lots of dark chocolate, spiced fruit and apple to complement the malt finish.


Distillery: Karuizawa
Age: 24yr's Old
Region: Japan
Distillation Date: 1983
Bottling Date: 2007
Cask: #8601
ABV: 59%
Limited: 17 of 131

I had been waiting a very long time to try Karuizawa, and I wasn't disappointed. It is truly brilliant whisky. The prices these days are off the charts but that is to be expected when demand far exceeds supply and the product is of such high quality.


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