Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Duncan Taylor Glenrothes 35yr 1968 Whisky Review

A very old Glenrothes here. Not sure how many more whiskies I’ll get to try from the 1960’s, so each time I do I make sure I really take my time with it. A lot of stuff happened while this whisky was sleeping.


Eye: Light

Nose: Youthful, malty, and fruity! Sweet green bananas and brown sugar. How is this youthful at 35yrs?! Vanilla is there after letting it sit for a while and breathe.

Palate: Incredibly smooth, sweet, and light. Ice cream and banana. Floral honey notes.

Finish: Dry banana malt. Hints of brown sugar. Finish is long but does lean to the drier side of things. Nicely rounded though and doesn’t feel like an oak attack.


Distillery: Glenrothes
Age: 35yr’s Old
Region: Speyside
Bottler: Duncan Taylor
Distillation Date: 1968
Bottling Date: 2004
ABV: 40.0%

Top stuff here. Not sure if you can find any of these miniatures around still (I got mine from, but if you can it’s well worth the purchase.

So in staying with 1968 as a music theme, The Doors performed at the Hollywood Bowl that year and it’s such a great concert. Enjoy.

The Doors - Live at the Hollywood Bowl


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