Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

On the table this evening is a Bowmore 8yr old, distilled in 2002 from Duncan Taylor’s Whisky Galore range. Immediate notes are the pale colour of the whisky, and the deep earthen peat smell.

Bowmore Legend as we have here in Australia, while a ‘no age statement’ offering, is an equivalent price to this one from Duncan Taylor so is a good comparison if you are looking for a bottle in the $60AU~ range. I'll cover the Bowmore Legend in a separate review. This single malt has been treated as in my opinion it should, with no chill filtration or colouring.


Eye: Pale in colour.

Nose: Citrus, Peat, Drying clay, Ash, Vanilla cream.

Palate: Citrus burst with a smack of dry ashen peat.

Finish: Dry and smoky, Some citrus and vanilla notes, Stays dry... I dig it.


Age: 8yr's Old
Region: Islay
Bottler: Duncan Taylor
Distillation Date: 2002
Bottling Date: 2010
ABV: 46%

Overall I highly rate this bottling from Duncan Taylor. It comes in at a similar price point to the standard Bowmore Legend offering yet offers a unique angle on that Bowmore taste I know and love. Any Islay malt lover will truly enjoy a dram of this. I look forward to having a few more myself.

A music recommendation would be the album ‘Trouble‘ by Ray La Montagne. Here’s a clip recorded at Abbey Road: Ray La Montagne - Trouble

This single malt was sourced from - a highly recommended Australian supplier.


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