Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Tempest is Bowmore's range of first-fill bourbon cask matured whisky, released at 10 years old. It's sibling and complete opposite is 'The Devil's Casks', a 10yr sherry matured release. Lets get to it..


Eye: Sand

Nose: Citrus, Salt, and a light amount of smoke. Very mineral but no earthy notes. Hints at sweet fruit but it's subtle.

Palate: Spicy on first contact then the marshmallow cream kicks in. Followed up by some citrus, smoke and passionfruit! This is simply stunning. Supposedly cask strength but so smooth you would never know.

Finish: Vanilla cream mixing with passionfruit and citrus. Incredibly long finish on this one.


Distillery: Bowmore
Age: 10yr's Old
Region: Islay
Distillation Date: 2003 (?)
Bottling Date: 2013
ABV: 55.1%
Limited: Released in small batches

Clearly some brilliant casks went in to make this batch. It is far more fruity and refined than earlier editions I have tried. Overall I highly rate this release and am planning on stocking up.

Music to go with this whisky comes from The Beastie Boys.

Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump


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