Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Bowmore Legend Whisky Review

Many a year ago a good friend whom I had just moved in with asked me one night if I had ever tried an Islay single malt whisky. My reply was no and that I wasn’t a big fan of scotch. My friend persisted and I tried a nip of this Bowmore stuff and fell in love. From that day onward my poison has been single malt scotch whisky. This offering from Bowmore is a great entry level to the Islay malts for those who are yet to try a smoky dram. The peat content isn’t too high and it is full of honeyed spice and citrus elements.


Eye: Golden amber.

Nose: Citrus, peat and honey.

Palate: Warm honey and spice. Mellows to citrusy peat smoke.

Finish: Long, sweet and smoky with a citrus tang on the end. Peat and lemon linger minutes later.

Bowmore Legend Dragon Tube

Recently Bowmore has changed it’s labelling. I don’t mind the new bottle and box but it is a bit sad to see the classic Bowmore tube retired. There is something about cracking open a tube that doesn’t compare to a box. But these are really minor cosmetic details. The whisky rocks and that’s what matters, also the price is definitely right. For nostalgia’s sake I have taken a shot from my flatmates collection - a limited edition Legend Dragon tube… pictured above.


Distillery: Bowmore
Age: No Age Statement
Region: Islay
ABV: 40.0%

This single malt has been a staple in our household for several years and will continue to pop up in my glass on a regular basis. It is easy drinking and has a flavour that you wont soon forget. While enjoying a dram of Legend I would like to recommend Bob Marley and The Wailers - Simmer Down from the album The Wailing Wailers. It was the first single released by The Wailers, accompanied by The Skatalites, produced in 1963. It was the number one hit in Jamaica in February, 1964. Such a great sound. Also, here is a version by The Skatalites in their later years.


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