Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia


Bowmore is one of my favourite distilleries, big on the maritime elements and always a quality dram. A few years back the 17yr old, which I was a very big fan of, was replaced by the 18yr old. Different profiles and different styles. The 17yr had more of a bourbon cask influence whereas the 18yr old is more heavily influenced by sherry casks. So how does the 18yr old fare? Pretty damn good, but you have to enjoy a more sherry influenced whisky.


Eye: Burnt gold

Nose: Rich dried fruit, hints at fresh red apples. Notes of cream. Floral but not in the 1980s style, far lighter. Candle wax, and varnish. Salt spray, like being near the ocean at night. Hints of peat but quite subdued.

Palate: Very light with zero burn, initial sweetness gives way to salty sherry influenced peat. Red berries, and red delicious apple skins. Again, peat is very subtle.

Finish: Light malt flavour, with a good mouthfeel. Very nice chocolate like notes mixed with the fruit. Bit of espresso for good measure. Peat is more noticeable on the outset. I would love to try this at cask strength.


Distillery: Bowmore
Age: 18yr's Old
Region: Islay
ABV: 43%

Fantastic malt for the sherry lovers out there. Very smooth with some good fruit flavours. All in all a winner but I really do miss the 17yr old. Music chosen to go with this whisky is by The Doors.

L.A. Woman - The Doors


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