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Bowmore 12yr 1980s Dumpy Bottle Whisky Review

The 12yr Dumpy Bowmore is well known among Islay diehards and has been on my list of whiskies to try for a long time. Unfortunately it's expensive stuff. Until recently I had only seen one or two pop up at auction. Then out of the blue one night it popped up on My order was in straight away and within a week or so I had a gift from the whisky gods!

According to this was bottled in the early 1980s. I've been pouring 10ml/1cl drams once a week and sitting on them for a good 40 minutes.


Eye: Liquid gold

Nose: Smoke, passionfruit and hints of mango. Sweet and juicy! With time comes vanilla. Maritime elements are restrained.

Palate: Sweet and waxy. Citrus meets stone fruits. Bit of smoke but not a lot. Heaven.

Finish: Smoke, and maritime. Long and thick. Vanilla and citrus are there. Heavy oils.


Distillery: Bowmore
Age: 12yr
Region: Islay
Distillation Date: 1968-1974?
ABV: 43%

This one has rounded off nicely in the bottle with time. No edges or harshness to it. Just a fantastic whisky. If you are a fan of Bowmore then this is one of those whiskies you owe it to yourself to try before stocks are exhausted.

Over the last week I've been going through my old music collection and listening to albums that have fallen out of my more regular rotation. The song I have chosen comes from Canadian band The Tea Party and is from their 1997 album Transmission.

The Tea Party - Psychopomp


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