Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Benromach Peat Smoke 2005 Whisky Review

A few months back Ian from Alba Whisky asked if I had ever tried the Benromach Peat Smoke range, I hadn't but was intrigued due to the high PPM and that I only knew of Benromach as a speyside whisky. Speyside meets smoke? Cool.

This whisky does not dissapoint.


Eye: Golden Blonde

Nose: Peat, bourbon influence is there with honey and light vanilla. Oak. Alcohol soaked strawberries. Very different, expected Islay based on the peat but no maritime elements at all.

Palate: Sweet pear and honey, reduced strawberries, smoke and christmas spice, again no salt or maritime elements, viscous oil like quality.

Finish: Herbal smoke oak and mineral chalk, hints of olive, light drying effect on the outset, fantastic mouthfeel. Honeyed spice.


Distillery: Benromach
Age: 9yr's Old
Region: Speyside
ABV: 46%

My fiance really enjoyed this one, she has always been more into Speyside or Australian whiskies. Safe to say this bottle didn't last very long! I look forward to trying other Benromach whiskies. This one tasted well beyond its age which to me is always a good sign. If you are a fan of Islay whiskies don't hesitate to go out and get yourself a bottle. Thanks Ian for recommending this one, and thanks to The Oak Barrel Sydney for the quick shipping :)

Music wise we have a remix from Sigma of the Collie Budz tune "Come Around", this track is ten kinds of awesome. Fits well with the whisky.

Collie Budz - Come Around (Sigma Remix)


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