Single Malt Whisky Reviews from Australia

Bakery Hill Cask Strength Whisky Review

Bakery Hill has been on my list of Australian whiskies to try for quite some time. Recently I purchased a bottle of Port Ellen from Dram Fine Whiskies in Melbourne who were kind enough to throw in a Bakery Hill sample. At the time I was told it would be the Peated Cask Strength sample. Beauty, I love my peat. On arrival it turned out I got the Classic Cask Strength. In a way this has worked out really well. Sure at some point soon I would have purchased a bottle of the Peated Cask Strength, but I wouldn’t have purchased the Classic as quickly. Purely because I love my peat and have a fairly large list of things I either want to try or buy. Now my mind has completely changed. Regardless of how good the Peated Cask Strength is when I get to buy a bottle, I will definitely be buying a bottle of the Classic Cask Strength too. It’s just that damn good.


Eye: Amber

Nose: Complex array of Vanilla, lights hints of honey and spice. Dark chocolate notes.

Palate: Initially sweet. Vanilla and malt mix together. Orange zest. Nice levels of spice and oak.

Finish: Wonderfully balanced. After about a minute the oak and vanilla malt flavours take over in a drying yet creamy way that leaves a gorgeous mouthfeel.


Distillery: Bakery Hill
Age: No Age Statement
Region: Victoria, Australia
ABV: 60.5%

Music I have picked to go with this fine Australian single malt is from M Beat featuring General Levy. Get your jungle on.

M Beat featuring General Levy - Incredible


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