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Ardbeg Auriverdes Whisky Review

Haven’t reviewed too many Ardbeg whiskies as yet, which is a bit slack as I almost always have a bottle open of one variety or another. Up for review we have this years Ardbeg Day special bottling, Auriverdes.

"Named after its golden whisky (auri), and unmistakable green bottle (verde)..."

Festivities for Ardbeg Day in Sydney are happening on the 31st of May, and I will be in attendance. Can’t wait for the event. I’ve been a committee member for a few years but have always had to work when Ardbeg Day was on. Not this year!

This sample was provided by fellow Australian blogger, Jonathan, from The Whisky Ledger. Check out the packaging, now that’s presentation!


Eye: Light

Nose: Medicinal lime and maritime notes. Sweet yet dry after letting it breathe. Peat is there but isn’t in your face at all. After sitting longer I’m getting those gorgeous smoked meat notes.

Palate: Pear, medicinal, not too sweet. This is not your typical Ardbeg. Smoke kicks in with a slight delay which is very nice.

Finish: Sweet on exhale. Very long and oily. Light spice with some farmy earthy notes and tar. Honeyed lime zest. Malt is so rounded and creamy. Flavours really linger but aren’t dominated by the smoke or tar.


Distillery: Ardbeg
Age: 10yr’s Old
Region: Islay
Limited: Yes
ABV: 49.9%

What a fantastic drop. Will be grabbing a few of these to put away. It’s a different take on a dram that’s a regular in my rotation. Also good to see it up near the 50% ABV mark.

Music chosen to go with this dram is from The Cure. Enjoy.

The Cure - Pictures Of You

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